Development Story: SRAM's New Eagle Transmission - Pinkbike

2023-04-15 18:36:42 By : Ms. Veronica Chen

When did SRAM first start working on this project?

In what way did Covid influence the development process? French Type wireless Remote control socket

Development Story: SRAM

Did the project take longer because of that?

Are there moments during development where one team is telling the other that some feature cannot be incorporated, making the end consumer miss out on a revolutionary feature?

Looking at all the new features, where do you go from here?

Development Story: SRAM

Wall Charger with Timer Looking at some of the projects from other companies in terms of gear box-driven bikes or such, is that something that SRAM might be seriously considering looking into and explore if there could be a gear box for mountain bikes in terms of efficiency or weight that meets your criteria?