BioTherm Launches New Standalone Dehumidifier - Greenhouse Grower

2023-01-06 20:36:13 By : Ms. LISON Tracy

BioTherm Solutions has introduced a new line of cultivation climate technology products. The new line of plug-and-play products are aimed at saving greenhouse growers money over the long term. Based on its controlled-environment agriculture greenhouse technology developed over the last 42 years, BioTherm has now decided to expand its offerings.

The first new product is the BT-530, a standalone dehumidifier. Dehumidifier For 10x10 Grow Room

BioTherm Launches New Standalone Dehumidifier - Greenhouse Grower

“We are thrilled to bring yet another dehumidification product into the CEA industry,” says Jim Rearden, BioTherm President. “We’ve spent years developing a line of pragmatic cultivation products and the BT-530 is just that.”

The BT-530 dehumidifier has been designed with today’s indoor grow environmental challenges squarely as its foundation. Independent lab testing has proven the BT-530 airflow rate performs well at industry standard conditions of 80°F/60%RH, pulling 530PPD. This performance results in potentially requiring fewer units to cover a growing area.

Backed by BioTherm’s five-year warranty and customer service, the BT-530 is designed to help growers minimize costs and crop loss while maximizing their bottom line.

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BioTherm Launches New Standalone Dehumidifier - Greenhouse Grower

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